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Old Friends

The final picture dissipates, then I walk away.
Birds and bees no notice take, bats and fireflies lament.
They know me by my candid craving and
understand my flagellating function.

The bright brute only ever
did see me smile.
With gritted teeth he borrows my
plain countenance.
My eyes widen, my mouth gapes to
understand why;
he burns himself, my body sweats
in parallel?
Just when choked and forced to detest
his mockery,
then selflessly she slips away
and reaches down.
To caress me, to soothe me and
to salve apply.
And to nurse my lacerated
body, wit, heart.

When the final thought designed is when I walk away.
Then the Sun wouldn’t mind but the Moon would rivers cry.
She knows me by my sincerest shadow,
my soberest sorrow she empathise.


She does reflect
She does take form
She hath no surfaces
She seems to have no sides
She is a rock betwixt all rocks
She failed to fly when she is sky
She is surely for all purpose; chameleon
She is without a doubt him, in the light of day

He is milo
He took a pill
He became Maria
He remains unaltered
He hates all just to love you
He cuts himself for every laugh
He is surely for all purpose; chameleon
He is everyone of them in the dark of night

They embrace as
They strangle you
They are legless dancers
They are hippies with guns
They are single fingered painters
They are artists with petrol bombs
They are surely for all purpose; chameleon
They are all me, for measureless time and again

Sanātana Dharma

Energies of the unfathomable cosmos exist in the abyss of nothingness.
I exist in this abyss and you exist in this abyss.

you and i are fathomable.
you and i are something.

Something to hear.
Something to see.
Something to Love.
Something to fear.

It is natural and unnatural to make such distinctions for it is the command of the mind.
Mind and soul are in ever-lasting discord.
Soul commands that everything was, is and will be nothingness and any distinction would be futile.

Once at peace with both we realise we are borrowed existence and then we will,

Hear the truth.
See beyond.
Love true.
Fear nothing.

Regardless, the ultimate truth remains that, every existence will cease to for the end is inevitable but surely it must not be immortal as this cessation of existence will cease as well.