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The City of Leon

Gook along dilapidated roads
and carbon clouds that shroud the city
gleamed aglow.

Death, disease never looked so pretty
livid by light of a million neon
this city of Leon.

Thundered and lied and cried the heavens
Unholy tears then murdered their pride,
if alive.

Sickly scraps buried beneath they hide,
shoulder the burden of this city
rewarded in pity.


Along the long cold Atlantis,
Passing just about
all the tests of time.

Unwavering kingdom gigantic
birthed by new kings and queens

Decides what to do forthwith,
what not to too.

Midst the sarcastic irreality
of race, sex ballyhoo.

Masses oppressed, ineffectual
merely a mixture of
polarising dyads.

Blind faith in this
false belief ironclad,
hoist by own petard.


In love, at peace. 
Is it wrong to want alone. 
To not miss and not be missed. 
To want nothing and no one more.

Liar people say, liar maybe.

Refusing to acknowledge
this internal commotion
leads to dry eyes,
as dry as the ocean.

Liar you say, liar maybe.

At times it gets lonely,
at times of peace.
My heart for this,
my soul for this.

Liar they say, liar maybe.

Childhood heart didn’t
crave it as much.
Pushed in it still, 
circumstances and such.

Liar again ? liar maybe.

In love with the word,
at peace with the world.
Alone, though never lonely.

Liar ! liar indeed.

Magic of Spirits

It has some kind of magic or science to be precise. Unholy, immoral and wicked they say; but holy, moral and virtuous I cry.

Aware of each and every muscle, nerve and flowing cell. Closed my eyes, stared at the skies and left my body somewhere.

I saw stars and nebulae and worlds full of life. “Oh ! my brothers, you miss so much; It is the most magical sight.”

And suddenly before me a ball of fire, a shinning star, I seen before. “Is this what I think it is ?” aghast, alarmed and awestruck; nothing but a speck of dust.

My brothers and sisters from worlds unknown pleaded me to stay, “Play some more.”

“Avast ! my mother awaits” I said “must return, no time to spare” and so my weary soul slid through a hole. Closing my eyes again saw a similar sight.

And as the sun rose, struggling through the clouds, I saw my spirit lifted giving a reason to fight.

This is the magic of spirits, this you cannot deny. On many lonely nights, embracing the spirits, I let myself fly.

Leave me be

You made especially evident; for none you ever bent.

Henceforth I will be aware, surely, angels aren’t heaven-sent.

Some cruel, corrupt, conniving thing; did let you.

To suckle simple, submissive souls; did set you.

Look, narcissus himself took pity on you with some resent.

It is wholly evident now, surely, you weren’t heaven-sent.

Go back to, from whence you came, what horrendous hole.

Leave with same rigour, with which did enter my soul.

Is it the same for you

Just keep doing what you have done to me.
Please don’t stop, I beg you, please.
I’ll linger among the stars waiting for you.
I’ll wait lying in the deep of the sea.
Just keep doing what you have done to me.
Please don’t stop, I beg you, please.

Where ever you go that’s where i’ll be.
Is it the same for you, as it is for me ?
Life is full of thunder, and lightning too.
You, my only calm, nothing more besides you.
Wherever you go that’s where i’ll be.
Is it the same for you, as it is for me ?

You won all battles

All my strength invested, holding me back.
I wish I could leap across the hallway,
slap that oblivious look off your face.
I see neither hurt nor guilt in your eyes,
but I clearly see the pride in your smile.

You revel in the possibility
that I just might come back for another
piece of your narcissistic agony.
You cannot comprehend that someone who
has tasted it once could go without it.

Are you certain you broke me as much as
it would be needed to never be mend.
But I was broken before you found me,
sorry to disappoint you my darling.
You won all battles but I won the war.

The Reason

If you love me, I beg we never say it.
If you care for me, I beg you bury it.
If you dream of me, don’t you ever
close your eyes.
If you need me, cut my ears so I won’t
hear you cries

If you know me,
you know that I’d rather die
than live a lie;
that is the reason why.


She does reflect
She does take form
She hath no surfaces
She seems to have no sides
She is a rock betwixt all rocks
She failed to fly when she is sky
She is surely for all purpose; chameleon
She is without a doubt him, in the light of day

He is milo
He took a pill
He became Maria
He remains unaltered
He hates all just to love you
He cuts himself for every laugh
He is surely for all purpose; chameleon
He is everyone of them in the dark of night

They embrace as
They strangle you
They are legless dancers
They are hippies with guns
They are single fingered painters
They are artists with petrol bombs
They are surely for all purpose; chameleon
They are all me, for measureless time and again

Suburban Birds

Bird pessimistic alight in nest warm

Seeks solace from swarm

Takes freedom in own constitution to wallow

Cornered in window shallow

Genetic constitution dictates to fly

Vertigo kicks in thirty-six feet high

Ceding the zeal years ago

When once crashed in

Misguided youth

Content never set in