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Suburban Birds

Bird pessimistic alight in nest warm

Seeks solace from swarm

Takes freedom in own constitution to wallow

Cornered in window shallow

Genetic constitution dictates to fly

Vertigo kicks in thirty-six feet high

Ceding the zeal years ago

When once crashed in

Misguided youth

Content never set in

O righteous man

Do you have a purpose O righteous man ?
If not a purpose, do you have a plan ?
And if a plan is the thing that you got,
then does it ring true with you or your clan ?
And if the answer to that is your clan,
O then how strong is your faith in your lot ?

Are all the men around you just dancing ?
Then why are you so awkwardly prancing ?
Could it be that you just cannot dance ? or
is it because you are drained from ranting ?
And if the answer to that is ranting,
do you believe you have a reason for ?

Think back and reminisce on childhood days.
I bet it all and say you weren’t always
the man you are today, its just not you.
The wrinkles on your forehead and your face
don’t let them be permanent, but a phase.
Shed that though skin and let your dreams renew.