An early university project, a puzzle game with a poetic narrative that expands across five distinct moments in time and space. One of the most challenging projects to manage as the project lead of a team of five comprised of fellow students and friends. Quite experimental and innovative in its effect as well as design/developmentContinue reading “UniVerse”

Eye of Acca

A university project I worked on for the entirety of an online semester in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. As the project lead for a team comprised of three of my closest friends, my task was not only to manage development pipelines and timelines but also fulfil concept, design and other productionContinue reading “Eye of Acca”

Steampunk Robot

A luggage carrying helper bot inspired by steampunk machines. With a low-poly mesh and a handprinted texture suggesting materials and details the visual style is clean and simple paired with a handful of basic animations.

Concept Art I

Painted and composed in Affinity Designer with a mixture of vector shapes and brushes and raster details. Created in a consistent aesthetic that is diversified for each piece in a way that is meant to evoke a strong sense of unique identity.

A Game A Week

For a whole semester we were tasked to create a new game every week based on a new surprise theme. Most of the games in this project were made completely by me while a few were made in teams of two.