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Once the Immortals judged the ways of a thousand mortals, a thousand mortals who did the same. Upon that very moment a shadow cast itself, a shadow with no name. It pierced the heart of two, one touched the sky, the other its twin. Floating across the crescent moon, fed upon the mortal’s sin.

It swiftly cast itself upon the primeval being marking the dreaded, unholy beginning. The primeval being, being the ultimate reality tried to reason, reason in futility.

All the Immortals and rulers of worlds, those primordial gods all trembled in fear. As the truth sank in golden eggs they realised the end was near.

Infesting petty minds it slithered its way to the core, the core of a weak and conflicted soul. Feeling a promise in great despair where no one did before. He embraced the shadow, the shadow forever, forever more.


Poe stir up my core and

wake me up gloating and

just over the rainbow

just above Golgotha

Ginsberg keep me floating

Milton sole who understands me

let me dream, dreams of paradise

Gunn shield me, hugging me

hold the avalanche off

and become my touch

My master Whitman

make sure that i

am humble forevermore

Tagore make me endless

for you give me purpose