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The Presentations

In my Game-A-Week class, we are supposed to do presentations halfway through the course and then one at the end. And because I prepared and wrote them down before hand as a speech, I thought it would be nice to have a record of them online. In-Between Presentation Good evening,Like my peers before me, I […]

Collaborative Weeks

I decided to group all the collaborative weeks as one homogenous experience. Because although the projects I worked on by my own were individual unique experiences, the same is not true for my experiences working with my peers. On some extend all of them followed the same patterns of detached interest, communication issues and a […]

Game A Week – X

Ah… the end. After nine long weeks of active game development we are finally there. It was a gruesome experience at times but was always highlighted with feelings of pride and accomplishment after the fact. Even if they came from my weird, insignificant games that probably mean nothing to anyone who is not me. [ […]

Game A Week – IX

Two things to know about me, I love Nicki Minaj and I am an excellent gift giver. So when the professor disclosed that the theme for this week was to make a game to be gifted to someone you love. I was positively chuffed and looking forward to the upcoming week. In a slight detour […]

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