How Quantum Theory helped me understand Game Theory

The difference and similarities between games and toys, how they interrelate and how they holdup in digital formats is an issue, largely resolved, but still cause for much confusion. It has also been a source of substantial debate among my peers. Where after some time and barrage of textbook definitions we always come to theContinue reading “How Quantum Theory helped me understand Game Theory”

The Presentations

In my Game-A-Week class, we are supposed to do presentations halfway through the course and then one at the end. And because I prepared and wrote them down before hand as a speech, I thought it would be nice to have a record of them online. In-Between Presentation Good evening,Like my peers before me, IContinue reading “The Presentations”

Collaborative Weeks

I decided to group all the collaborative weeks as one homogenous experience. Because although the projects I worked on by my own were individual unique experiences, the same is not true for my experiences working with my peers. On some extend all of them followed the same patterns of detached interest, communication issues and aContinue reading “Collaborative Weeks”

Game A Week – X

Ah… the end. After nine long weeks of active game development we are finally there. It was a gruesome experience at times but was always highlighted with feelings of pride and accomplishment after the fact. Even if they came from my weird, insignificant games that probably mean nothing to anyone who is not me. [Continue reading “Game A Week – X”

A year later

The last post I made here was exactly a year ago. Now I know I promised myself that I was going to be blogging more frequently and I have quite obviously failed on that promise. but I have not completely abandoned it, and decided to make a post to remind myself of why I wanted to be more active on my site in the first place. And while I am doing that also update you guys on everything that’s happened since the last time.

Game A Week – II

The theme for the second week was ’10 seconds’. This at first thought seemed challenging, but what helped was the ambiguity. It never specified any form of gameplay or even concept. Mechanics wise I could make a game that lasts for 10 seconds, quite obvious, but it did not feel powerful enough or long enoughContinue reading “Game A Week – II”