A poet, writer and game developer


Hi, I am Samartha. No, it’s not pronounced like Samantha, so just call me Sam or Samaee.

I am a young-ish person living in Mumbai, India. People who know me will often mistakenly describe me as really quiet or shy but if only they had a way to take a peek inside my mind they would find a million emotions and thoughts screaming at each other on any and every subject imaginable.

I love video game culture and play games of all kinds. Reading is a form of meditation to me, especially poetry and fiction. I never say no to good food, movies and music. Here on this blog you will find my opinions on movies, video games, books and more along with original poems, stories and other general musings.

I progress through life in pursuit of knowledge with a clear goal of analysing, understanding and creating literature and video games that not only entertain us but inspire us and transform us into better human beings.