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Collaborative Weeks

I decided to group all the collaborative weeks as one homogenous experience. Because although the projects I worked on by my own were individual unique experiences, the same is not true for my experiences working with my peers. On some extend all of them followed the same patterns of detached interest, communication issues and a failure to consistently collaborate through no fault of either party but the nature of the process itself.

I did find myself procrastinating the most during these projects, and I am sure that my peers when asked will attest to this fact. Especially Ousama who was very vocal about his disappointment in my disengaged attitude. I find myself for the very first time at a loss for words. I definitely realise that I have a long way to go, in learning to work with other people and in teams. And rest assured I am actively working on it. Although I live most of my life in a sate of delusion walking the streets pretending to be someone more adept and confident that I really am. I also hold in high regard my ability to realise my flaws, accept them and work in any way possible to improve on them.

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Baby Nightmares

With that said I would also like to point out that almost each one of these collaborative experiences was also the most fun and stress free time I had throughout the course mainly because of the distribution of work and tasks. I had an especially inspiring experience with Susanna and Ousama, and it gives me hope that there is still hope for me.

Game A Week – X

Ah… the end. After nine long weeks of active game development we are finally there. It was a gruesome experience at times but was always highlighted with feelings of pride and accomplishment after the fact. Even if they came from my weird, insignificant games that probably mean nothing to anyone who is not me.

[ For Professor Csongor : I already mentioned in detail my experience with the course module during the milestone presentation and so I would avoid repeating it here. ]

The theme for the last week of the course was un-ironically ‘Destroy’. We were probably supposed to use it in a more literal sense. By that I mean in a literal sense in terms of mechanics. But I have often used the themes that were vague enough in a more imaginative and figurative way. And this being the very last week I decided to go with that in an attempt to solidify my personal style one last time. For some time during the course I had a game mechanics idea rattling around in the old noggin. And I managed to not only achieve to implement it but also quite successfully managed to connect it with the theme in an imaginative way. The idea was basically a chain production where you convert raw materials into a finished product but in a twist you do this in a puzzle way.

No revelations occurred this week apart from one. I realised that after weeks of practicing making games using a visual scripting tool I have become adequately proficient in it. Something that I have always struggled with is my limitations of technical understanding of programming to successfully manifest my game ideas into a functioning game. Using Bolt visual scripting has to some extent removed that limitation. When it comes to making small games like these, I no longer have to rely on google searches and YouTube tutorials. I am capable of turning my game ideas into functioning games almost on my own. And I am incredibly grateful and proud of that fact.