Game A Week – IX

Two things to know about me, I love Nicki Minaj and I am an excellent gift giver. So when the professor disclosed that the theme for this week was to make a game to be gifted to someone you love. I was positively chuffed and looking forward to the upcoming week. In a slight detour from my usual process, for this week, I spent the first few days not trying to figure out the concept but rather the person who I wanted to make the gift for. I had a few candidates most of them family and after developing rough concepts for all of them I ultimately decided on my mom. Mainly because It is the most personal and powerful relationship I have and I wanted to, in some way, recognise it as an appreciation of her. 

I started out simple, relatively simple for me, by composing a small poem for her. It is one the best ways I have to express myself.

You wore red for love, for marriage and for commitment

You wore blue for life, to nurture and to protect

You wore green in envy and in discontent

And then wore black in both fear and strength

You wore white for your mother, your father and your brother

Now you wear yellow in enlightenment, and in intellect

The poem when completed revealed to have a literal theme of colour, colours that my mom wears on her ‘sarees’ that for me represented different aspects of her personalities as well as different times in her life. As soon as I realised this I instinctively connected those metaphorical layers to the nesting layers of a nesting/babushka doll. This instructed the mechanical design of the game, which was to be simple enough that a non-gamer like my mom could easily access. 

All this became the basis of the development of the game. After the fact I can now say that this is definitely the most personal game I made in this course. And the game I am most proud of, mainly because of my mom’s reaction to it. For this reason I believe that the collective player experience is the most important emotion for game design is emphasised here to its full extent.

Published by Samartha Ingle

Game designer and writer

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