Game A Week – IV

“Physics” was one of the first theme that really stumped me for a while. I spent most of the week just trying to come up with a decent game idea. Now I think I understand why I had such trouble with this. Usually when I come up with a game idea, I will make a mental calculation of how capable I am technically to realise said idea, not in time but, just in its feasibility. Physics based games is something I never have had any luck with, and have thus tried to stay away from it as much as possible. It is too unpredictable and random and I hate that amount of lost control over my project.

But all week this concept of water ring toss games from my childhood had been constantly on my mind. So somewhere during the week I decided to roll up my sleeves and at least try to figure out if I can recreate the experience digitally. 

1976 Tomy Waterful Ring-Toss

And because I had already used up my free week last week there was no running away from it this time. 

By using really basic rigid body physics I was able to recreate the experience I was looking to accomplish. I used a mixture of 3d objects for the main interacting physics object and then 2d UI objects for the background, scene buttons, score and basically everything else. 

During the process I realised that the “game” works better as a “toy” than a game, this is something that we had discussed in the past, more specifically in the first semester. So I decided to run with the idea of making a toy and then package it into a project that can be completed within a week and still be fun to play without the exclusive aspects of what we expect from a game: an end goal, objective or a set of designed rules or a complete core game loop.

Regardless, during the play tests I was surprised to find how much the players were constantly in a state of “flow”. Even after telling them that their is no end goal of win condition, the players still were engaged enough and kept trying to get as many rings as they could into those pesky hooks until they gave up or got them all.

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