Game A Week – I

So, like I mentioned in the last post, every week we receive a new theme. We are to use this as our central theme to make a game (a complete game NOT A PROTOTYPE), I have found this to be the real challenge of the course.

Anyways, the theme for the first week was JUMP, the professor mentioned something about how the themes would grow from more mechanics focused to being more conceptual towards the end of the course.

As soon as I heard the theme my mind immediately went to a childhood classic from the NES, Circus Charlie

Circus Charlie, 1984 – Nintendo Entertainment System

After a few walkthroughs of the classic game on YouTube and a heavy dose of nostalgia, I decided to make a game inspired by ‘Circus Charlie’ called ‘Circus Carly’ (please don’t judge me)

Circus Carly

I experimented with designing a single level by using a variety of obstacles to create quite a bit of challenge. But hopefully it is still accessible as the mechanics are very simple. I would like to iterate more on the idea to create random generation for obstacles and a scoring system, but as of now you just win by surviving until the end of this single set level.

I would describe it as a short but quite challenging game with one simple mechanic, i.e jumping. I would really appreciate any feedback on the game. leave me a comment or tweet about it.

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Game designer and writer

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