Berlin – Week 4

14, Oct 2018

It’s Sunday
Not a lot happened this week so this will be short.
It’s been a month. That means I now have 41 months left to go before I graduate. This feels weird. I feel like I just got off the plane yesterday but in many ways I also feel like I have been here forever.
I am sure this does not make any sense to you but it does to me, it is the only way I can explain what I am feeling right now.
Have you ever been someplace you have never been before, but, for some reason, don’t ever feel lost or scared and just feel like you belong.

Anyways, classes are getting more and more interesting now that we have started with more practical work and are done with introductions (Thank God). There is a lot of creative and artistic freedom with how you go about your assignments which is something I really hoped for. I have been trying to do my best to take advantage of that and explore ideas and concepts I was too tied down or scared to try before. I Particularly like the ‘Mechanics’ and ‘Art ‘classes and even ‘Theory and history of games’ which I assumed would be boring is turning out to be quite interesting.

This weekend was a snooze fest. I just spent it in my room and down in the lobby mostly. It was kind of on purpose, didn’t feel particularly social this week.
Hey, but that’s what happens when you are an introvert, loner pretending to live like an outgoing, extrovert. You just stop functioning and spend the entire weekend getting drunk by yourself and watching emotional movies on Netflix all weekend.
Samartha Ingle

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