Berlin – Week 3

7, Oct 2018

It’s Sunday
Another week flew by and just like before a lot has happened. Back home I could not tell you what day it was. I was caught up in an infinite loop of doing the same thing over and over again, my own personal Groundhog Day nightmare. But I was in such a rhythm, so accustomed to my routine that one of my biggest fears was I would not be able to survive out of it. But the human mind is incredible, it forgets just as easily as it remembers and I count on that every single day.

I have met new people, made some new friends, every day I learn new things in and outside of class. This weekend I saw the Kreuzberg monument although I did not get to visit it. And explored a tiny bit of the Kreuzberg area with my German friend Klaus, a beautiful part of the city steeped in history. With old structures repurposed as residential and office buildings. Klaus’s apartment for instance is in what used to be an old brewery, Victoria Brauerei.

At university things are slow, a lot of things the professors teach I know already but it has not discouraged me enough yet. After three weeks of classes, it is pretty clear now what the first semester is going to be like for me. Not to say that its too easy for me, assignments still take time and are just as time consuming for me as everyone else. I have noticed that I have fallen back on my reading I still haven’t finished the two books I started in my first week in Berlin. Lets hope I find a way to fix that.

Also for some reason I have ate more butter chicken and Indian food in my three weeks in Berlin than I did in an entire year while in India.

Hmmmm…….wonder why ?
Samartha Ingle

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