Berlin – Week 2

30, Sept 2018

It’s Sunday
Another week in Berlin has gone by. Things have changed considerably. I no longer spend all my time cooped up in my room. When I came here there was hardly any one living here but since then every day people are moving in and now it seems full even a little crowded. Spending the evening downstairs in the lounge reading my book is now my favourite time of the day. I could just read in my room but I love sitting down here watching people doing there thing. A group of asians gathered around the pool table, playing, yelling at each other in Chinese. Two arabs hitting a tiny ball back and forth at the ping-pong table chatting, slipping in and out of Arabic. An American sitting on his own on the couch with his laptop staring into his phone bursting into little laughs and smiles once in a while. So many cultures, traditions, experiences all living next to each other in this German brutalist style student apartment building in the middle of Berlin.

I am no longer the only game designer living here which is good. In fact, my friend Ousama (spelled Osama… I know) who is in my class is the other game designer who lives here. He is from Syria. We leave for our classes together and seem to be spending most of our weekdays with each other given that our schedules are the same. We almost lost our voice on Friday uncontrollably laughing on the S-Bahn for no apparent reason when coming home from university. Aziz, another one of my neighbours who studies language is from Tajikistan. On Friday evening we went on a long walk across the city looking for alcohol and ended up at a bar where we bought two six-packs of beers with a little help from two very helpful German ladies who were smoking and drinking at the pool table. Along the way we swapped our stories. He seems to be one of those people that once you meet them you feel like you have known them all your life, like an instant best friend. He is funny, a joker, a care free person. But i sense pain in his past. Pain I will possibly never experience and might never truly understand.

Introductions to all my classes are now done, real work begins in the coming week. Oh, and just as I suspected I seem to be the oldest guy in class except for Isba (not sure if I spelled that right), an artist from Pakistan still figuring out her place in the games industry, who is a year older than me.
University assignments seem to be quite easy for now but then again we have just had one class for each course yet. But I have a feeling that first semester would go more smoothly for me compared to my peers some of whom have come here fresh out of high school or with very little game development experience (not that I am an expert or anything).

Have to keep my eye on the ball though, can’t let myself get too cocky.
We all know how that ends, especially me.
Samartha Ingle

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