April, 2017

So as it turns out trying to write, read, design and be a socially acceptable human being all at the same time and retain a shred of my sanity is something that is really hard to do, who knew ? and somehow cramming all of that in a 24 hour day and then trying to accomplish a fraction of each is just not getting me anywhere.

I accept it.

I am not a Muti-tasker.

As a human man my brain is just not equipped to process so much information at the same time. But I am an excellent organiser, so here goes…

I have decided to split up everything I wish to accomplish into separate categories and then record and keep you updated of my progress here on this blog.


In these posts I will record and briefly review the books I have finished reading since the previous update, simple enough.


Now I know I am gonna get some flak for this one. As artists we know that inspiration won’t come to you when you want it to, in my experience it comes any time other than when you want it to. And I know a writer must write everyday, But unsettled ideas get turned into short scribbled notes all the time and characters get developed in the subconscious as you bathe, eat, sleep and carry on with your dull lives. What happens to these ideas, characters and their stories WILL be explored by your truly and then of course I will let you know about them.

Games design

I think you have an idea by now what I am trying to say here. yes, you guessed it right. All the game ideas for either board or digital games, designed and prototyped will be kept record of here in these games design update posts.


I am hoping that with this I will be able to successfully focus on my separate pursuits and have a record of it somewhere for myself and for you the readers.

“A jack of all trades and a master of each one.”

(Wow! I am really full of myself)

Wish me luck.