She does reflect
She does take form
She hath no surfaces
She seems to have no sides
She is a rock betwixt all rocks
She failed to fly when she is sky
She is surely for all purpose; chameleon
She is without a doubt him, in the light of day

He is milo
He took a pill
He became Maria
He remains unaltered
He hates all just to love you
He cuts himself for every laugh
He is surely for all purpose; chameleon
He is everyone of them in the dark of night

They embrace as
They strangle you
They are legless dancers
They are hippies with guns
They are single fingered painters
They are artists with petrol bombs
They are surely for all purpose; chameleon
They are all me, for measureless time and again

Published by Samartha Ingle

Game designer and writer

19 thoughts on “Chameleons

    1. Sure. I love poetry and most of my posts you will see are original poems and stories but I also love analysing good movies and video games. I look forward to hearing your opinions on my posts in the future.


      1. You are very divert, poems, movies, videos…. I’ll try to catch on. But very intersting blog. I should add that I am a bit afraid of me giving my opinons on those three matters since as you can see I’m quite the novice too these type of subjects.


      2. please, you mustn’t be afraid.
        I find the people who don’t know much about the subject have the most raw and truly honest opinions.
        People who seem to know a lot have preconceived notions about the subject muddling their own views.


  1. This was most interesting, I must reread it a few times to really take it all in… I look forward to reading more of your work, thank you for visiting my blog. Michelle 🙂


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