As i place both body and mind
in place i ever do
the tinging wind find
both impinging the two.

And the faux wind through ceiling
takes form on paper revealing.

A motley of thoughts gruesome and ghastly
a true testament of sorrow.
Then from body did mind steadfastly
some relief did borrow.

Mind’s essay to Eden transfixed
and shadow, salve to Nyx, with darkness affixed.

Then inevitable climax of every era
as mind now blur.

From prison released me daughter Hemera
and sapped my body of color.

Every essay of body at bluff futile.
Just the wanton’s delight, slaves in exile.

Then Gaia awakes from slumber
as i lie drained, dull and blind.
In ease as i cease my labor
birthing one of a kind.

Cursorily i, rest and revel in
the grim and haunting glory of my kin.