Everything will be alright in the end

Chapter III

A few days have passed since Olivia had just returned home, James is sat at his desk once more with an almost empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. This time he is definitely in a much worse condition than before. His eyes look like that of a man who had been crying so much that he is no longer capable of tears. His hair and clothes are disheveled and his hands are wrapped in bandages that are oozing out blood through them. There seem to be a few bloody bruises on his head as well. He chugs the last of the whiskey he has left in his bottle, throws it over the towering pile of bottles in the corner, and starts typing.

—11th March , 2017
On the night Olivia had just come home I do not remember when i fell asleep but i could never forget what happened after.

It was probably a couple of hours past midnight. I had fallen asleep on the settee and Olivia was sleeping in her room. Even though she was home I still had to get my routine pills and some alcohol into my system before i fell asleep. I just know that if i do not then i will, in all likelihood, never sleep again.

I shouldn’t have done that.

“This is nice” She said staring at the horizon “I wish we didn’t have to go back, could do this forever, just us” I had thought now that Olivia was home I wouldn’t have this bloody nightmare, guess i was wrong. But this time something was different, it was almost as if i was aware of the fact that this was a dream. A lucid dream?…

“James dear” what?… Who said that? this isn’t part of the dream.

“Daddy… right here…Look what I made, our house…” the dream continued as usual.

“James, where are you going?” who said that?

I looked around and couldn’t see anyone. Even in the dream this was confusing cause I have had the same dream for the past three months and never have I ever had this voice before. Something was a miss. I was sure that it was a dream and not real. And there is no possible way that this could be real cause i am asleep. Aren’t I?

The same events followed as always, the sand castle, the blood dripping down Anna’s hands and then Olivia disappeared.


But just as I was looking over the horizon to find Olivia among the waves i could not see her. She was nowhere but i could still hear her screaming for help. But this had never happened before. At this point in the dream, every time i look to the sea I always see her among the waves. Where is she?

That’s when I realised that i was already awake and the screams were in fact coming from Olivia’s room. I could hear her calling for me in her room but the sleeping pill probably hadn’t worn out yet cause i couldn’t move.

“You idiot!” I thought to myself.

I suddenly awoke yanking my body up and dropped down from the settee flat on my face on the floor. I picked myself up and ran to her room as my legs failed me I stumbled all the way. Once i reached her room. i proceeded to desperately get the door open, but all my attempts were in vain. My hands slipped away from the doorknob every time i tried to open it almost as if it wasn’t there. I was panicking like a madman, shivering, trembling as if high on cocaine. I start to kick and punch the door with all the strength i have and i seemed to have a lot of it for i felt my ankles crack and the bones in my fingers twist and i saw blood, blood all over the door and on my knuckles and soon i was wearing gloves of blood. I started banging my head into the door trying to get it open until it went numb from the pain. And after what felt like an eternity i had no strength left but i could still hear her screaming and crying for help. I fell to my knees and as i rested my head leaning on the door i started to beg for some one to let me in.

“James dear…we need to get you to the hospital” feeling a hand on my shoulder I looked behind me and saw Mrs.Singh with tears running down her face she was shaking and had a look on her face somewhere between fear and sorrow. I was baffled by the fact that how she got into the house. But never mind that perhaps she could help :

“Please…you have to help me to get the door open…Olivia she is screaming, can’t you hear?…Please, do something she is pain…we have to help her.”

The very next moment I saw several strangers moving towards me, one of them grabbed me with both his hands and started leading me towards the door.

“Come with me Mr.Morris, its alright”

“No!!!” I yelled and pushed him away “are you deaf? you bloody idiot…cant you hear my daughter screaming for help?…what are you doing just standing there?…Help me…What kind of a sick joke is this?”

“Mr.Morris do you know where you are?”

“What? What are you even talking about? Help me get this door open” I start punching Olivia’s bedroom door in a final attempt to get it open seeing as how not even a single person there made even the slightest attempt to help me.

“James Stop!…” Mrs.Singh yelled at me grabbing my face with both her hands “You are not home dear” she said sobbing “You are at the cemetery, I followed you here when i saw you go out the house”

I looked around, brushed my hand over the blood drenched wall beside me and saw the name ‘Olivia Morris’ carved in stone and realised what she said was true.

How could I be so stupid? She had, at last, come back to me.

I should never have let my guard down.

Everything was so perfect. Everything was the way it is supposed to be.—

James ends his log and closes his laptop. He takes a long hard look at the bottles of sleeping pills and pain meds on his desk, grabs them and disappears into the bathroom.


Published by Samartha Ingle

Game designer and writer

12 thoughts on “Everything will be alright in the end

  1. Samartha,
    I hate to tell you this, but there really is an author called James Morris. He is now she, Jan Morris, and lives in Wales, I think.
    Well done on an intriguing start to your story.
    All the best


    1. Oh…I didn’t realise their was a real author named James Morris. That’s weird cause I live in India and i just picked out the most British sounding first and last name as I wanted to write something that was outside my zone. Just one of those wonderful coincidences of life I guess.


      1. Samartha, My husband and I are writing historical fiction. We picked names for a particular location in Europe for a queen/mother, etc. Neither of us was familiar in ANY way with that area or time in history — and they were real…. Maybe that story just needs to be written!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoops! I didn’t realise the comment I left at the foot of the first page would cover the whole story.
    A very dramatic conclusion!


  3. This moved very logically and dramatically, and existed on several levels at once. It maintained its structure throughout and had a very satisfying ending. Olivia was a particularly effective character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ben. After putting so much time and effort into these characters and their story which is rewarding in itself, you can’t beat the feeling when some one else appreciates it. I was having one of those days, you just aren’t feeling good about yourself. But your comment made my day.


  4. Beautiful writing, levelled storytelling.. a treat to read. Thank you for linking all the chapters . Keep writing!


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