India is the salt that adds flavour to the world
Makes it sweet for it is sugar as well
India is diverse
Is every religion
Is every ethnicity
Is every language
Is every culture
India is equality
India is vegetarian
Respectful and humane when not
India is the cow whose milk is golden
This golden milk is paint and painting the galaxy
India is a priest.
This priest is humble and his purpose is pure, as pure as Ganga
India is a missionary whose mission is peace and love
He stays still and patient and waits for the truth to be revealed
And it will be revealed
India is a mother
Her cradle is warm
We are no longer infants
But her love is eternal and greatest of all
India is a woman
This woman is educated
This woman is beautiful
This woman is strong
This woman is powerful
This woman is independent
This woman is all women
India is a sword forged of titanium
This titanium is blood and sweat of oppressed millions
So this sword is blunt for greed
But this sword is sharpest against injustice
India is a diamond.
This diamond is raw and imperfect.
But this diamond is one of a kind
For this diamond is

Published by Samartha Ingle

Game designer and writer

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