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Flames and Fire

In a hand he wielded a sword, a sword of gold and sapphire .

In another he grasped a shield, a shield drenched in flames and fire.

Hacking and slashing his way through an army of zombies and ghouls.

He came unto an enchanted forest infested with living dead wolves.

As he rested taking a breath, a breath this brave bladen.

Glazing upon a cobble well saw an angel, a fair maiden.

The angel inquired, feeling the knight’s despair ,of his quest.

Burned alive by he beast were his unborn child and wife dearest.

Plunging herself in well bid him farewell the angel of avenge.

But not before she warned the knight of his shallow revenge.

Thunders screeched across heavens, devouring combustion filled the air.

All creatures fled the scene, our warrior hero nay budged a hair.

With eyes as that of a demon and his amor weak and frail.

He slid his vengeful sword through the mighty beast’s grail.

Upon returning victorious the crib sits silent just as before.

He roams the streets at night piecing his heart back together,

whore after whore.


India is the salt that adds flavour to the world

Makes it sweet for it is sugar as well

India is diverse

Is every religion

Is every ethnicity

Is every language

Is every culture

India is equality

India is vegetarian

Respectful and humane when not

India is the cow whose milk is golden

This golden milk is paint and painting the galaxy

India is a priest.

This priest is humble and his purpose is pure, as pure as Ganga

India is a missionary whose mission is peace and love

He stays still and patient and waits for the truth to be revealed

And it will be revealed

India is a mother

Her cradle is warm

We are no longer infants

But her love is eternal and greatest of all

India is a woman

This woman is educated

This woman is beautiful

This woman is strong

This woman is powerful

This woman is independent

This woman is all women

India is a sword forged of titanium

This titanium is blood and sweat of oppressed millions

So this sword is blunt for greed

But this sword is sharpest against injustice

India is a diamond.

This diamond is raw and imperfect.

But this diamond is one of a kind

For this diamond is