Civilization VI

Armies and Escorts

“United we stand, divided we fall”

Battles are very much a rock-paper-scissors affair in Civ games. Civ VI introduces “Corps” and “Army” for land units, “Fleet” and “Armada” for naval units which make the battle system a little more nuanced. These are essentially two (for corps) or three (for army) military units combined into one tile. So although cavalry might be powerful than infantry, an infantry army might successfully defeat a single cavalry unit.


On top of this you can also link civilian and support units with military units. This is where support units shine, for example, if your Swordsman is linked with a siege tower while attacking a city it will completely ignore the city walls and attack the city directly. This is also extremely useful during your expansion phase. By linking your settlers with a military unit your settler isn’t left defenseless when venturing away from the capital (It’s just so annoying when your settler gets attacked by barbarians and then taken back to their camp somewhere in the fog of war). This new feature also helps with the unit icon “Cluster f**k” i mentioned before by reducing the number of units on the map.


Leader Agendas

“I am what i am”

With all of the above mentioned features civilization VI is definitely one of the most strategic, tactical, customization focused turn-based 4X strategy games out there and as a result it shines particularly well when playing against human players in multiplayer.


But, the Civilization series has always pushed the boundaries of AI behavior and does so this time with the new “Agendas system”. Every leader in the game has a “Historical” and a “Hidden” agenda. The historical agendas follow each leader’s real-world behavior : “Hojo Tokimune” likes civilizations that have a strong military and Faith and Culture output and dislikes civilizations that are strong in military but weak in Faith and Culture output because of the “Bushido” agenda. The historical agenda is fixed and shown in the trading menu whereas the hidden agenda is, well, hidden and can only be discovered through espionage. These range from “Barbarian Ally” to “Fun-loving” or perhaps “Nuke Happy”. You will definitely encounter a “Peacekeeper” and “Nuke Happy” Gandhi in almost every game.



Civilization VI is one the most fully featured launch titles in the series. It successfully introduces new, noteworthy features like districts and research boosts that i can definitely see being staple features going forward for the series. I absolutely loved Civilization V and had spent countless hours with it. And despite the fact that Civilization V is still an excellent game i just can’t see myself going back to it after having spent 50+ hours with Civilization VI. It is everything that Civ V was and then some more.

Every review for Civilization VI will have discussed, extensively, how Civ VI improves over its predecessor without a single comparison to any other game in the genre. This just proves that when it comes to 4X turn-based strategy games the legacy of Sid Meier’s Civilization is akin to none other, and Civilization VI does a fine job of upholding that legacy.

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Game designer and writer

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