2017 – A change in plan

Moving from digital art into writing and design

2016 has been a year to remember for all of us. The world around us has had a profound and significant change in ideologies and thinking. Never before have we felt more strongly about what we believe in and what we wish for the future of others around us and ourselves.

I had my very first professional game development experience last year. For three months i worked with two of the the most awesome guys i have ever met on a game that is just as awesome as them (maybe more). It was one of the most incredible experiences i have had yet to finally be able to say that i am a professional game developer something that has been a dream of mine since i was 10 and i realized that making video games was a thing.

Most of my work involved modeling and texturing environment, character assets. Here you can find out more

Ogre head studio


During this time i was visited by an old friend who once, a few years ago, stood with me and held my hand firmly as i obtusely dawdled on the precipice of sanity looking over the abyss of insanity below me, the ‘written word’.

In 2013 i started reading philosophy and poetry and composed poetry (a couple, not a lot) while i was away from home. I cant really place the exact time or reason why or how it came back to me now. Maybe i felt similar feelings i felt three years ago, and perhaps that rush of feelings (probably hurtful) bought with them the antidote itself. From summer through to the final quarter of 2016 i took it upon myself to write a book of poetry. I made deadlines and personal assignments, i experienced great works by writers and poets from the west to the far east and through the ages from Li Bai to Tagore to Ginsberg to Akira. By the end of 2016 i already have over twenty original poems composed.

Now 2017 is upon us, its a new day.

Having just bought my first kindle i am spending even more time reading about writing practices in the video-game industry, trans-media, and other fiction, non fiction, and of course the incessantly mentioned poetry (sorry, but i cant help it). The kindle and i have been practically inseparable, that’s not sad is it ? I also completed my final year exams for my Bachelors degree and now all that remains is the long wait for the results.

Meanwhile i have decided to continue writing and honing my craft moving forward and branch out into writings other than poetry whilst actively searching for a job. I am not making any promises, but getting a job and having a poetry compilation published are two goals that i am striving for this year.

Wish me luck.

Published by Samartha Ingle

Game designer and writer

4 thoughts on “2017 – A change in plan

  1. Thanks for liking my poem ! That’s how I know of your blog. Love some of your poems! 🙂 I am glad to have found a tribe online! Keep writing 🙂


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